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Glimpse of the Garden: Week 5, Perennials Popping Up

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It has been fun to clear out the garden beds and see the green shoots beginning to pop up!

Lily shoots ©SBF
     When we bought our house we were very lucky to inherit some great flower beds with the property. The first growing season was an exercise in patience. Although I love plants, I didn't know where to begin. I didn't want to dig anything up until I knew what it was, and often that meant waiting for it to bloom. 
     I purchased The Perennial Care Manual: A Plant-by-Plant Guide: What to Do & When to Do It by Nancy J. Ondra to help me navigate my new plants. I found it indispensable during those first growing seasons. From placing new plants to troubleshooting there are lots of easy to understand tips and tricks, illustrated with wonderful photographs. Additionally the book highlights 125 common perennials, including: seasonal care, propagation and troubleshooting. It is extremely helpful, and if you have perennials and aren't quite sure of how to maintain them, I'd highly recommend this book. With its help I will be tackling the long overdue task of thinning and dividing some overgrown lilies, irises and astilbe this weekend.
     Once divided I will be giving some of the leftover plants away and donating others to my school's annual plant sale. In the next few weeks plant sales will be popping up all over the place. You might want to see if your local library, school or community center is having one soon as a fundraiser. These plants are often heartier and healthier than those you'll find at a big box store.
     My strawberries are starting to grow! I need to get these beauties into the ground. Add fixing the new strawberry bed to the weekend list!
The first strawberry! ©SBF
What gardening tasks are you tackling this week? Comment below!


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