Share it! Science : Glimpse of the Garden: Week 3, Crocus and Strawberries

Glimpse of the Garden: Week 3, Crocus and Strawberries

We finally have some blooming crocuses! To me, this says spring is truly here. 

Crocus ©SBF

     After a few warm days I've been itching to get outside and clean out our flower beds. Unfortunately it is still a little muddy for too much raking, but I've had a chance to check some of my perennials. I cleared the mulch blanket off the strawberry patch to see what was going on down there and was pleased to see the green leaves of my June-bearers and wild strawberries. It never ceases to amaze that they can survive under that deep, crusty blanket of snow.

Strawberry ©SBF
     One of my spring projects is to move this little patch of strawberries away from a labyrinth of chipmunk tunnels and add some ever-bearing plants we just bought. June-bearers, as the name suggests produce fruit in the late spring and beginning of summer, whereas ever-bearers produce fruit intermittently throughout the entire growing season. I have the wild strawberries mixed in because we have them around the yard anyway and they are yummy sprinkled on cereal in the morning. What's growing in your yard? It's a great time to get out there and rediscover these treasures!

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