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Funny Science-Themed Valentine's Day Card Downloads

My kids and I love a good science joke or pun, and these funny science Valentine's cards deliver! Perfect for your science-loving kids to hand out at school, to give to your science students or send the scientist you admire. These are all downloadable Valentine's Day cards that you can print out at home over and over. You are sure to find something here to tickle your funny bone and make this Valentine's Day extra special. 

Geology? Robotics? Biology? These cards cover all sorts of science and STEM topics. I bet there is even an idea for a science lesson in here. Let me know which is your favorite and what you come up with. 

funny science themed valentine's day cards for kids


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Funny Science-Themed Valentine's Day Cards

40 Science Jokes- printable download
These are so cute! With 40 different science jokes you have plenty to give your whole class a different giggle. Stick a candy on and you've got a super science Valentine treat!
Funny Geology Valentine's- printable download
Valentine- You're a Gem! These are sweet Valentine's cards for your favorite rock hound. 9 unique rock designs on these geology themed Valentine's.
This set of 6 science-themed joke Valentine's made me chuckle. If you like a good play on words, these are for you.

16 Science Pun Valentine's- printable download
These are particularly funny for the older kids or college science students. If you love a good pun, you'll find cards with scientists such as Mendel and Darwin, periodic table, DNA, etc. You'll be glad you downloaded these! 
This set of 4 chemistry themed Valentine's cards are very "punny" and CuTe (copper and tellerium, anyone?). A must for your chemistry class
Set of 8 famous scientists on these amusing Valentine's cards. Nikola Tesla, Rosalind Franklin, Ada Lovelace, Erwin Schrodinger, just to name a few. A fun opportunity to introduce some great scientists to your kids!

9 different science-themed Valentine's cards with word-play that even the younger kids will understand and enjoy. Dinosaurs, volcanoes, butterflies and more! 
6 Cute Science Puns- printable download
These are adorable. "I've got my ion you!"

Check out this freebie. More fun science-themed Valentine's cards.   

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