Share it! Science : See it? Share it! Flower and Leaf Buds, could it be true?

See it? Share it! Flower and Leaf Buds, could it be true?

     Is it possible that what feels like perpetual winter could actually become spring? Despite the fact that it snowed...again...this week, there are signs of rebirth all over. I am keeping an eye out for the first leaves and flower buds of spring and will report them through Project BudBurst. For more information about this citizen science project check out my post earlier this week "Project BudBurst: Easy, Authentic Science {and a Giveaway!}"
     I have been observing the lilacs, forsythia and cherry trees in my yard. Their buds are definitely swelling, but no bud burst just yet. After purusing the data maps on Project BudBurst's website I find that I am not the only one who has nothing to report in my area. We've got some to our south, so I know it is just a matter of time. I look forward to watching the changes of these flowering plants from bud burst, first leaf, leaves unfolding, first flower and full flower.
Lilac bud. ©SBF

Forsythia buds. ©SBF
Cherry bud. ©SBF
     What spring observations have you made recently? It is an exciting time to be a nature watcher! Share your observations below in a comment or e-mail me at:

(This post was not sponsored by Project BudBurst, all opinions are those of the authors.)

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