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Glimpse of the Garden: Week 4, A Splash of Yellow

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     Despite snow flurries the past couple of days the plants are still doing their best to persist! I was actually happy that I hadn't gotten all my flower beds raked out yet because the leaves and litter have allowed a little protection from some unseasonably cold temperatures.

Jonquils ©SBF
These little jonquils that I transplanted from a pot gifted to us last spring are just about the only color we have in the front yard. They are like a little ray of sunshine!

Despite the gray weather- they are still sunny! ©SBF
     We've been learning about seeds and how plants grow from preschool through elementary in the past couple of weeks at school. The kids are innately interested in nature, and being able to have them grow a plant from a seed is a wonderful way for them to experience it hands-on and take some ownership in caring for a living thing. I try to incorporate children's literature in these lessons. Here are some books that we use that will get your child or students excited about seeds and plants:

     The plant "nursery" on our window seat is coming right along. We've got a nice mix of flowers, tomatoes, peppers and eggplants sprouting.

Sungold tomatoes and dwarf dahlias. ©SBF
     I was a little worried because (as often is the case) I started my seeds a little late, but in light of the cold temperatures it might be for the best! What do you have growing? Comment below!

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