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Funny Science-Themed Valentine's Day Card Downloads

My kids and I love a good science joke or pun, and these funny science Valentine's cards deliver! Perfect for your science-loving kids to hand out at school, to give to your science students or send the scientist you admire. These are all downloadable Valentine's Day cards that you can print out at home over and over. You are sure to find something here to tickle your funny bone and make this Valentine's Day extra special. 

Geology? Robotics? Biology? These cards cover all sorts of science and STEM topics. I bet there is even an idea for a science lesson in here. Let me know which is your favorite and what you come up with. 

funny science themed valentine's day cards for kids


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Funny Science-Themed Valentine's Day Cards

40 Science Jokes- printable download
These are so cute! With 40 different science jokes you have plenty to give your whole class a different giggle. Stick a candy on and you've got a super science Valentine treat!
Funny Geology Valentine's- printable download
Valentine- You're a Gem! These are sweet Valentine's cards for your favorite rock hound. 9 unique rock designs on these geology themed Valentine's.
This set of 6 science-themed joke Valentine's made me chuckle. If you like a good play on words, these are for you.

16 Science Pun Valentine's- printable download
These are particularly funny for the older kids or college science students. If you love a good pun, you'll find cards with scientists such as Mendel and Darwin, periodic table, DNA, etc. You'll be glad you downloaded these! 
This set of 4 chemistry themed Valentine's cards are very "punny" and CuTe (copper and tellerium, anyone?). A must for your chemistry class
Set of 8 famous scientists on these amusing Valentine's cards. Nikola Tesla, Rosalind Franklin, Ada Lovelace, Erwin Schrodinger, just to name a few. A fun opportunity to introduce some great scientists to your kids!

9 different science-themed Valentine's cards with word-play that even the younger kids will understand and enjoy. Dinosaurs, volcanoes, butterflies and more! 
6 Cute Science Puns- printable download
These are adorable. "I've got my ion you!"

Check out this freebie. More fun science-themed Valentine's cards.   

Valentine's Day STEAM Activities


STEM Learning with Makeblock's mBot Ultimate 10-in-1 Coding Robot Kit

We have been enjoying playing with our new mBot Ultimate robot from Makeblock. I was fortunate to be asked to review this product, and the kids and adults in our house have had fun building and experimenting with our first build, the "Robotic Arm Tank" robot. 
Makeblock creates products for STEAM education that help people turn their "ideas into reality". The mBot Ultimate 10-in-1 coding robot kit will certainly inspire teens and families who love to build and engineer to explore robotics and coding in depth. Read on to find out what we liked best about this robot building kit.
STEM Makeblock Ultimate Coding Robot Kit
Please note: I was given this product free of charge and invited to honestly review this product and become an affiliate of Makeblock. I was not otherwise compensated to write this post. This post contains affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission from purchases made through these links, at no additional cost to you. Please see disclosures for more information.

Unboxing mBot Ultimate 10-in-1 Coding Robot

The mBot Ultimate comes with a ton of pieces and components to build 10 robots with different features. It's essentially a modern erector set with metal support pieces, motors, sensors and a circuit board. 
STEM Makeblock Ultimate 10-in-1 Coding Robot Kit

The box consists of 2 layers of pieces. The instruction booklet has a detailed listing of parts with illustrations. After building our first robot, I would highly recommend familiarizing yourself with all the parts prior to building. Some of the hardware is very well organized and labeled, while other parts are not. If I was going to use this in a classroom, after-school team or club setting I would be sure to either label the hardware in advance or dedicate time to allow students to identify which piece is which. 

STEM Makeblock Ultimate 10-in-1 Coding Robot Kit
The instruction manual has the directions for the Robotic Arm Tank, which is what we built, the Beverage Robot, and the Camera Dolly.  You can follow a link in the manual to directions for the other builds, however if you speak and read English you will have to translate the page to English with your web browser. In order to download further instructions you must create a free account on the site. After quite a bit of digging, we found easier access to the additional builds. You can find the instructions for the additional robots here in .pdf form. 
You can also find additional help and resources for the Ultimate 10-in-1 Coding Robot here.  

STEM Makeblock Ultimate 10-in-1 Coding Robot Kit

Building the mBot Ultimate Robot

This was not a quick build, but it resulted in a sturdy robot that my kids want to keep playing around with. I would highly recommend this kit for the teen who has a vested interest in engineering and robotics. Like any building project there is some trial and error especially when building with so many small parts. Patience and the willingness to make adjustments as you go is key! The mBot Ultimate would be perfect for an older child who has experience creating with LEGO, or building with tools. However, it would also be a great project for any age with help from an adult. 

Even my preschool and elementary school aged children enjoyed tinkering around with the pieces and built their own creations as we went. 
There are no special tools needed to assemble the robot. The one screwdriver needed is included in the kit. 

STEM Makeblock Ultimate 10-in-1 Coding Robot Kit

STEM Makeblock Ultimate 10-in-1 Coding Robot Kit

Coding and Playing with Makeblock's mBot Ultimate Robot

Once the robot was built, it was not difficult to get it up and running. There are many options for coding the mBot Ultimate robot. Beginners can use the mBlock app for simple block coding. For more advanced coding it is compatible with Arduino or Python coding combined with Raspberry Pi. 

We used an iPad to remote control our robot with the app available from Makeblock. Here is a peek into what the app looks like as you are using it to control the robot, and while you are coding. 
And here is our robot in action, helping us tidy up! 


Makeblock mBot Ultimate 10-in-1 Robot: Summary

Overall, we really enjoyed the process of building, coding and interacting with our Makeblock mBot Ultimate robot kit. I would recommend it based on the quality of the parts, the versatility of the components and the ability to build 10 different projects with one kit. I liked that the compatibility of the robotic components with various coding apps and languages, such as Arduino, Python and components compatible with Raspberry Pi, gives basic coding options for beginners, and gives experts the opportunity to try something new. 
The robot kit is STEM through and through with a good combination of each STEM discipline: technology through coding, science and technology through the use of sensors, math in the measurements and sizes of components, the engineering process through building, testing, trial and error.
makeblock STEM robotics

The kit comes at a higher price point, but for the right kid or family the mBot Ultimate would be a great investment as there is a lot of play and learning value here. There are also many other robots and products available from Makeblock in a range of prices that would meet the need of different budgets, ages and learning goals. 

Use code: SAVE10 for $10 off your first purchase!

Teachers can join Makeblock's discount program and purchase kits for their classroom. Learn more here.

Would we recommend Makeblock's mBot Ultimate 10-in-1 Robot Kit? Definitely. We are already thinking of what we might be able to do with our next mBot Ultimate build. Check out Makeblock! I think you and your favorite little (or big!) engineer will be glad that you did.