Share it! Science : Glimpse of the Garden: Week 1 - No Foolin'

Glimpse of the Garden: Week 1 - No Foolin'

     It is April 1st and unfortunately it is not an April Fool's prank that there is still snow on the ground! However, I have faith that we will see spring and I will work in the garden once again. I love photographing the flowers, vegetables and fruits that we grow in the warmer months at my home. Now through the summer I will be sharing a "Glimpse of the Garden" with you weekly. Are you planning a garden or growing anything currently? Do you garden with children? Please share in the comments below.

April 1st, 2015 
Starting seeds and waiting for the snow to melt!

The sun is warming my starter pots- hopefully eggplant sprouts will begin to appear soon! Yes, that is snow outside!
 Eggplant pots. ©SBF

This is where my veggie garden will be- it's one of the sunniest places in the yard, hence the ground reappearing.
Future site of Garden 2015! ©SBF

Here's a bonus shot for you- our barred owl friend was outside when I went to take some photos of the garden. 
Barred Owl ©SBF

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