Share it! Science : Cycle for Science, a Cross Country Science Adventure!

Cycle for Science, a Cross Country Science Adventure!

Elizabeth Case and Rachel Woods-Robinson just wrapped up an amazing journey. These young scientists and cycling fanatics biked close to 4,000 miles across the United States this summer and taught science classes along the way. You may have read about them previously in my post, "Science Teaching Toolbox: Girl Power! Getting (and keeping) Girls Interested in Science" or my DOGOnews article, "Cycle for Science: A Cross Country Adventure with a Mission".

These ladies are an impressive duo who are passionate about sharing science with young people and showing that anyone can be a scientist. The classes they taught as they journeyed across the country were focused on solar energy and building a solar powered model bicycle, called the "Sol Cycle" Check them out in action in this YouTube video:

In addition to the cycling and teaching portion of their project they will be spotlighting great teachers and sharing teaching practices. Cycle for Science will continue to be a great resource for science teachers looking for hands-on education ideas long after this summer. For more information about these resources and to read all about their travels check out their website here. You might also enjoy reading their guest blog posts for the Department of Energy found here.

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