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Glimpse of the Garden: Week 10, The First Pest Problems

     I love to garden, but it's not always roses (pun intended). We got the tomatoes, some eggplant and broccoli starts in the ground last weekend before a couple of days of much needed rain. When I checked this morning everybody was looking good except the broccoli. Something has been chewing off the leaves! I cannot be one hundred percent sure, but I would bet money that the culprit was our healthy chipmunk population. The fence around the garden keeps out the deer, woodchuck and cotton tail rabbits. Those chipmunks, and sometimes red squirrels, enjoy finding their way in despite the fence.

     I spent the morning doubling up some fencing and mesh to try to make it a little more difficult for our garden pest. The plants still had enough leaves left to survive, so hopefully this deterrent will buy us some time while their stalks grow stronger. We don't spray our veggies with any chemicals, so I know this will not be the last pest problem I will report!

Tomatoes are planted, caged and ready to go! ©SBF
Reaching for the sun after a few days of rain! ©SBF
     I have a few of my favorite little eggplants, the Little Prince, joining the potato cans in my container garden. Remember when these were just seedlings back in Week 2? I have some more plants to get started to round out the container crop. So much to do, so little time! 
Little Prince container eggplant. ©SBF

Red potatoes just sprouting. ©SBF

Some nice sprouts on the white potatoes. ©SBF

     The clematis opened this week along with my new geranium. The iris buds are getting close. I imagine after this good rain and a sunny day today we will see some more blooms! What do you have blooming? Comment below!

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