Share it! Science : Children's STEAM Festival!

Children's STEAM Festival!

Share It! Science and Growing with Science are pleased to announce we are teaming up for a week long Children's Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) Festival this month. Please join us for information and project ideas to help your family explore STEAM-related activities for the summer and beyond!

Our activity schedule is as follows:

June 22:  Science
                Share it! Science: Are You a Scientist?
                Growing with Science: Science Activities for Kids

June 23:  Technology
                 Share it! Science: Exploring Kid's Opportunities in Technology
                 Growing with Science: Technology for Kids

June 24:  Engineering
                 Share it! Science: Rube Goldberg Machines- an Engineering Challenge 
                 Growing with Science: Engineering Activities for Kids

June 25:  Art with a STEM focus
                Share it! Science: Family STEAM Night- Where Art Meets Science!
                Growing with Science: Art Activities for Kids with a STEM Focus

June 26:  Math
                 Share it! Science: The Golden Ratio in the Garden
                 Growing with Science: Math Activities for Kids

We would love to hear your questions or suggestions for STEAM-related projects to share with others. Let's heat up the summer with STEAM!

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