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Confidently Include More STEM in Your Homeschool

You know what I enjoy almost as much as teaching kids science? Teaching and empowering others to teach kids science! The STEM disciplines are important and relevant. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not believe they have the skills to teach science, technology, engineering or math. I don't believe this is true. I think there is something for everyone in the STEM disciplines and even if you weren't the strongest student in one of these subjects that does not mean you cannot inspire kids to love and excel.

If you are someone who would love to become more confident as a STEM teacher, especially if you are a homeschooler, I have an exciting resource and opportunity for you! The 2019 Homeschool STEM Conference - Online is coming up in March. I'm thrilled to be speaking in three of the 30+ sessions participants will have lifetime access to. In this blog post I'll give you the scoop on what I'll be talking about as well as other details about this extremely affordable resource for homeschoolers and others who want to improve their STEM teaching skills.

Homeschool STEM Conference Online

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STEM Resources

During the conference I'll be giving three talks. Below are the descriptions of each as well as some specifics about what you'll come away with. You'll also find more information and how to register here.

Best Resources for Developing Your Own Science Curriculum

Session description:
Interested in developing your own science curriculum but are unsure where to start? Maybe you are worried about your own science knowledge. Let’s explore some tried and true resources for confidently creating a custom curriculum. Tips on determining which concepts are skill-level appropriate for your learners, how to develop a unit and choosing resources to make your lesson planning stress-free regardless of your own science background! Will include tons of examples and resources.

Over 20 resources for developing science curriculum, tips and activities, encouragement and a 2-page handout.

Using Picture Books to Teach Elementary STEM

Session description:
STEM does not have to be limited to equations, experiments and gadgets. Engage your children in STEM after a trip to the local library! A step-by-step guide on developing a lesson based on a favorite picture book. We’ll outline the benefits of integrating literacy and STEM as well as share lesson ideas to accompany several recently published award-winning children’s books. Tons of resources for building your library of children’s books and repertoire of STEM lessons.

Over 35 STEM activity ideas, book list, 20 resources for finding STEM lessons that integrate children's books, and a handout.  

STEM picture books and activities

Engaging Hands and Minds with the 5E Inquiry Model

Session description:
The best (and possibly the most fun) way to learn science is through inquiry. The 5E Inquiry Model is a method of teaching science that allows learning to be driven by a child’s own wonder, curiosity and interest. Learn the 5 parts of the inquiry model along with many examples and prompts to help you develop your own science inquiry lessons. Will also include great resources that provide easy-to-follow inquiry activities and lessons to try in your homeschooling practice.

Lesson ideas and planning template handout, over 15 resources, ready-to-use ideas.  

Homeschool STEM Conference Sessions

Here are just a few more titles of the 30+ sessions that you'll have lifetime access to.

  • STEAMSDay: How to Devote a Day a Week to Hands-On, Real-Life Learning
  • STEM for Everyone
  • What is STEM & Why is it Important?
  • How to be a Marine Biologist
  • Scratch for Elementary and Middle Schoolers
  • A Hands on Method for Learning Math Facts
  • Hands-on examples of Simple Machines
  • High School Chemistry Can Be Fun
  • Block-Based Programming Basics, Resources, and Insider Secrets
  • STEM Success for Poets & Other Non-Science People
  • Integrating Art into Math & Science
...and many, many more!

Register for the Homeschool STEM Conference

You can learn more and register for the STEM conference through this link. I hope that you can join us! It's going to be great!

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