Share it! Science : 46 Amazing STEAM Resources!

46 Amazing STEAM Resources!

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, the sale described below is over, but you'll find lots of great STEAM resources at the STEAM Kids website

I'm so excited to be sharing a bundle of resources that will be invaluable for any one who teaches, runs an after-school program, designs camp programming, provides child care, has children at home, homeschools....just about anyone who works with elementary aged kids and cares about STEAM education.

This bundle of 46 digital STEAM resources is from a great group of education writers including the STEAM Kids crew, which you know I'm a big fan of. Others include: Left Brain Craft Brain, STEAM Powered Family, Babble Dabble Do, The STEM Laboratory, Kids STEAM Lab, Vivify STEM, A Dab of Glue Will Do and many more! 

STEAM Back to School Resources
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Amazing STEAM Resources! 

The Back To School STEAM Bundle, is a huge (and I mean HUGE, like over 1,700 pages huge) collection of science, technology, engineering, art and math activities, lessons and challenges being sold at 92% off for a limited time.

There are so many fabulous resources here (I'll list them below) it is a little mind-blowing. From Wednesday 8/15/2018 - Monday 8/20/2018 you can grab what would normally cost you $268 for only $19.99. Normally, I wouldn't write a post pitching a product like this, but this is an offer I can't imagine passing up knowing the quality of the materials this crew of authors brings to the table.

STEM, STEAM, Science Activities and More! 

Here is what is included, you will quickly see why I am so excited about this!!


Integrated STEM & STEAM

10 products ~ 315 pages ~ $67 value

5 Day Space Mission
Paper Play Pack
Holiday Card Pack
Valentine Paper Play Pack
Cool Math & Science Night STEM Games and Activities
151 STEAM Challenges
STEAM Kids 5 Day Challenge
Four Seasons Activity Pack
Botany STEM Challenge
STEAM Activity Pack
Bubbles STEM Pack
Density STEM Pack



9 products ~ 376 pages ~ $56 value

The Sensory Science eBook
Montessori Science Bundle
Endangered Species Unit: Primate Lesson Plan
Bird Pairs: Printable Matching Game
Cloud Wheel + Cloud Identification Guide
Apple Science Experiments
Leaf Science Activities
Shark Unit Study
My Science Notebook



4 products ~ 82 pages ~ $22 value

Knight Quest Coding Game
Magic Reveal Binary Code Game
Circuit Cards Creative Activities for Kids
Introduction to Simple Circuits



5 products ~ 128 pages ~ $18 value

STEM Challenge: Build Famous Landmarks
3-D Paper Toys and Bots
Magnetic Tile Idea Cards
Knots & Hitches STEM Challenges
Mechanical Advantage STEM Challenges


Integrated Art

4 products ~ 94 pages ~ $27 value

Golden Rule Coloring eBook
Tropical Landscape Mural Pack
Happy Vegetable Mural Pack
Solar System Mural Pack



11 products ~ 698 pages ~ $63 value

Number Decomposition
Marshmallows and Toothpicks 2-D and 3-D Geometry Cards
Fraction Decimals Percentage Puzzles
Math Checkers Bundle
Fidget Spinner Addition / Subtraction
Fidget Spinner Multiplication / Division
Superhero Math
Pattern Block Logic Puzzles for Kids
3-D Shapes Slap It Card Game
Zoo Animal Patterns Pack
20 Math Games for K-2


46 Products ~ 1700+ pages ~ $268

AND...I didn't even mention the bonuses! You will also get 15 extra printable products and 8 coupons to use in some of your favorite STEAM educator stores.

Don't miss out on this one! More details and purchase information here.


If you like STEAM activities you'll definitely want to check out some of the ones I've featured here on the blog, including:

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