Share it! Science : Hands-on, Minds-on Fun Learning with STEAM Kids!

Hands-on, Minds-on Fun Learning with STEAM Kids!

I'm so excited to be reviewing this awesome new book: STEAM Kids: 50+ Science/Technology/Engineering/Art/Math Hands-On Activities for Kids, launching this week. You've no doubt heard a lot about STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Integrating disciplines has tons of benefits, it's great for critical thinking, makes lessons more engaging and teaches skills applicable to real-life scenarios. When you can add Art into the mix to turn STEM to STEAM, then you're also engaging different parts of the brain, inspiring creativity and ingenuity.

The best part is, transforming STEM to STEAM is not difficult. In fact, I think it makes everything a bit more fun! The new book, STEAM Kids is just that- fun. Fun activities don't have to cut learning short, and those included here certainly don't!

50 STEAM Projects for Kids

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STEAM Kids 50 Hands-On Activity

I love STEAM Kids mission: to inspire kids to "question like a scientist, design like a technologist, build like an engineer, create like an artist, deduce like a mathematician and play like a kid".

Over 50 projects are organized into 5 different categories: Build, Color, Play, Sense, Grow. With beautiful, colorful images, and easy to follow instructions it is not difficult to be inspired to get building, imagining and creating. I really appreciated that the authors not only included the project's difficulty and approximate time commitment, but also an explanation of the STEAM concepts involved in each project.

50 Hands-On STEAM Activities for Kids

50 Hands-On STEAM Activities for Kids

Some of my favorite activities from STEAM Kids include "Circuit Bugs", a bug building craft where LED lights and wires are used to give the creatures light-up antennae or eyes, and "Color Changing Play Dough" that changes color in different temperatures. There are new ideas for classic engineering feats to be tackled, like building a contraption for an egg drop, and completely unique new project ideas like "Edible Polymer Gummies" and "Milk Plastic Bracelets".

 I really liked that the authors included links to their blogs with additional activities to try. It really extends the text as a resource. The book also includes a weekly activity planner with materials and project suggestions, in addition to ideas for field trips and a STEAM journal for kids to use.

I believe anyone with children, educators, after school caregivers, camp counselors, club and troop leaders would find STEAM Kids to be an invaluable resource to add to their bag of tricks.

STEAM Kids is available as an e-book (which is the most affordable option), and also available in paperback on Amazon. Readers in the European Union can purchase the e-book here

Examples of STEAM Kids activities

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Interested in learning more about STEAM? Here are some additional articles and resources from the authors of STEAM Kids!
I was provided a copy of STEAM Kids for review purposes, but was not otherwise compensated for the post. All opinions here are those of my own.

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