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What Exactly Happens During a Lunar or Solar Eclipse?

Are you excited for the solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017? We are! Read on to learn more about solar and lunar eclipses.

I know that astronomy can be a tough subject to teach, so I wanted to share a quick lesson idea for understanding what exactly is happening during an eclipse. There are two types of eclipses, lunar and solar, and both can be visible in the United States if the conditions are right. Visit my post, Exploring Lunar and Solar Eclipses on Only Passionate Curiosity blog, to see how you can create a quick visual model to understand both types of eclipses.

Before you head over to Only Passionate Curiosity, check out the supply list below to be sure you have what you need for this activity!

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Eclipse Visual Model Supplies

Eclipse Safety and other Celestial Events

Are you planning on watching the eclipse in August? Find out everything you need to know about viewing the solar eclipse here. 

Although the Sun's light is blocked out during an eclipse, it does not mean that it is safe to look directly at it! Find out how you can safely view a solar eclipse here. One option is to purchase solar eclipse glasses like the ones featured below.

You can also build a pinhole projector for safe solar eclipse viewing using this easy plan.  Or build a cereal box camera obscura with these directions instead.

Another fun astronomical event to view in the summer is the Perseid meteor shower in August. Find out how to best view the Perseid meteor shower with kids here.

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