Share it! Science : 30+ Science, STEM and NGSS Teaching Resources to Use This Year!

30+ Science, STEM and NGSS Teaching Resources to Use This Year!

If you're not already back to school, you will be soon. I've polled STEM and science educator colleagues to generate this list of vetted resources that you need to check out this year! You'll definitely find something useful whether you are a classroom teacher, homeschooler or afterschool care provider.

Maybe you're looking specifically for resources that will help you align your teaching to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), or are trying to implement more STEM into the classroom. You'll find those ideas and the help you need here, as well as 2017's best apps for STEM and the National Science Teacher's Association's (NSTA) picks for best trade books. Read on for resources you'll put to use all year long!

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Resources for Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS) Aligned Lessons

Working on aligning your curriculum to the NGSS? I was so excited to get these great suggestions because part of my work is consulting on NGSS alignment. I'm super excited about these excellent resources!

NGSS Pathfinder This is a fun way to find an NGSS aligned lesson. You select the core idea you are focused on, choose the science and engineering practices you wish to meet, then one or more crosscutting concepts you need to cover, and voila- it pops out some lesson ideas!

Phenomena for NGSS  Using phenomena to engage students in their learning. Tons of stuff here!

Lesson Plans and Classroom Resources from the National Science Teacher's Association, NSTA is always an excellent resource. 

JogNog a collection of NGSS Vocabulary Quizzes, free for educators! 

STEMScopes is NGSS aligned curriculum for K-12. This site includes free content.

Resources in the STEM Disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

DeSTEMber Month-long Virtual STEM curriculum from Girlstart. This is an awesome annual project, definitely worth a click!

HowToSTEM tons of STEM resources here. Check out the 15 min STEM activities for quick ways to get kids thinking!

For ideas that are easy to put into practice you'll want to take a look at the STEM Activities for Kids blog. 

If you are looking for STEM at the preschool and early elementary level, The STEM Laboratory, and Preschool Powol Packets are two great resources for new ideas.

If you are on Twitter, you'll want to check out this great list of the 50 Essential Twitter Feeds for STEM Educators. I followed a bunch!

Here is a massive (70+) list of the best science education web sites that you'll definitely want to visit.

Nova Education has great videos, and free teacher content. You'll also want to subscribe to their newsletter for monthly STEM ideas.

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Science, Engineering, Technology and Math

70+ best science education web resources here on Share it! Science.

Be sure to check out our back to school science resources list from last year too!

Teaching Chemistry??
You'll find a wealth of Middle School chemistry lessons and activities from the American Chemical Society here.You'll also want to check out Adventures in Chemistry, featuring fun experiments, games and classroom resources.

The Teach Engineering site offers engineering curriculum for K-12 educators. If you are in the elementary classroom, you'll want to explore the curriculum available at Engineering is Elementary.

Inspire your students with some engineering for kids, by kids with resources from PBS's Design Squad.

Need help connecting classroom learning with real life STEM? Check out the great collection of resources on Get Caught Engineering.

You'll find some great engineering activities that are easy to put into practice at the From Engineer to Stay at Home Mom blog.

Want to get started coding? 
Maybe you don't have experience but need to teach it, or just want to learn yourself. Check out my post on teaching kids of all ages how to code for tons of ideas.

Check out for lots of resources as well as these free computer science clubs from Google. 

All sorts of fun coding and algorithm activities, like coding with LEGO and other games at JDaniel4's Mom Blog. 

Marvelous math resources

Check out Illuminations for great math lessons and interactives.

Time and time again teacher's cite Phet simulations as a great resource. Check out all of the math simulations here. (They are also great for science simulations, it's on our best science education sites post!)

I also really like Teach Beside Me for their fun, creative math games.

Add some art! Make it STEAM 

If you are looking for STEAM, STEAM Kids: 50+ Science/Technology/Engineering/Art/Math Hands-On Activities for Kids is a must-have resource. 

For the early childhood crowd, check out Preschool STEAM. They are about to launch an interesting paid service called Preschool Activity Lab that looks interesting!

Science Podcasts

Check out a new one called All This Science for 5 minute science explanations.

Brains On! and Tumble are two science podcasts geared for kids.

NSTA's 2017 Outstanding Trade Books for K-12

Each year, the National Science Association puts out their top picks for trade books (in other words, the books that you normally buy, versus curriculum books). This is an AWESOME list, especially if you teach elementary. You can find NSTA's Outstanding Trade Books of 2017 list here. Check out some of the interesting titles in the Amazon widget below.

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