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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Let the Games Begin! Olympic and Sport Science

We love the Olympics! In honor of the start of the summer games, here are some ways to investigate the science of sports! Will power, perseverance and hard work make an athlete, but behind each sport and even the clothing worn to compete, there is a lot of science. Dig into these lessons and activities to experience the games at home, camp or school.

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Science Netlinks is always a great resource for excellent science activities, web resources and lesson plans. Check out the plethora of Olympic resources here: Science Netlinks- Reaching for Olympic Glory

You'll find two easy science experiments here from Home Training Tools- the science of spinning and reaction time.

NBC teamed up with the National Science Foundation to produce an excellent series of videos about Olympic sport science. I've used them in my science classes and students really enjoy them- I always learn something too! Check the videos out here.

For a few more science experiments, visit science guru Steve Spangler's website for "How Science Changed the Olympics". 

More Steve Spangler Olympic Science in this video clip:

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Amazon has a collection of Olympic Science books available for various summer Olympic sports.

For a ton of other great science activities and lessons about the Olympics and Sports, follow my Sport Science board on Pinterest!

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