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Monday, August 15, 2016

Exploring Catapults with Groovy Lab in a Box

You've probably heard me mention the awesome STEM and STEAM activity subscription service from Groovy Lab in a Box before, but did you know that you can also purchase these fun kits by individual box as well as subscription?

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The latest single box available is "Out to Launch" and is a chance for some catapult engineering and experimenting fun. Inside the box your kiddo will find the following engineering challenge and the supplies necessary to complete it:

Engineering Design Challenge: The Maker Faire is coming to a town near you! Can you design and build the grooviest looking catapult that launches a projectile the farthest distance?

As always, the "Out to Launch" box will have a groovy Lab Notebook where your kids can read about the investigations and Engineering Design Challenge. Plus, all subscribers get access to the a Box web portal for additional groovy learning and STEM fun.

Single boxes from Groovy Lab in a Box sell out very quickly, so if your kids are nuts about catapults, be sure to act fast!

For even more catapult fun, check out the catapult painting activity I've included in my Family STEAM Night post!  

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