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Gift Ideas for Budding Biologists and Naturalists

Are you looking for a gift for a young biologist or naturalist? I'm sure just about everyone can think of a kid who can't get enough time playing outdoors, collecting insects, building tree forts and fairy houses. If the kids on your list can't get enough of plants, animals and nature then these fun and educational gifts are for you!

You will definitely find something here that your young nature explorer, future botanist or biologist will love! From science kits and sets to grow plants to pretend play toys, it is here. You're sure to find a great gift for a kid that is not only full of play value, but also educational value, too.

If you are interested in other science themed gifts, be sure to stop by the other posts in this series: Fun and Educational Gifts for the Young Scientists on Your List. 

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The gear every biologist needs to explore nature! 
Backyard Safari Magnifying Glass 
A large lens lets young explorers view specimens at 4x magnification. Sturdy construction, designed for adventures!

kids magnifying glass
Every naturalist needs a close up look at wildlife to learn more. These little insect viewers are great for temporarily examining small creatures.

Discover the love of learning with Educational Toys from Learning Resources! Shop now! Nancy B's Science Club Binoculars and Wildlife Journal 
These light-weight, durable binoculars are an excellent exploration tool. The Wildlife Journal is full of prompts, creative writing and drawing activities.

nancy b's science club binoculars
New Sprouts Grow it! 
A sweet pretend play set for future gardeners and botanists! Great for the little guys.

Nature Bound Cargo Vest
For keeping tools, specimens and other necessities! With 4 cargo pockets and several loops to attach carabiners to your young scientist can carry all the necessary gear to explore!
kids nature exploring cargo vest
Nancy B's Science Club Nature Keeper and Tree Diary
A young botanist's dream! Press flowers, preserve leaves and make notes and drawings along the way.
nature keeper tree diary botany kids

Experiments and Nature Kits! 

ScienceWiz DNA Experiment Kit
Extract DNA from fruit and look at it close up! Solve a chromosome puzzle and model messenger RNA. Tons of authentic Biology fun in this little kit!
  DNA biology genetics experiment kit
Amazing Bacteria Science Kit
Pre-poured agar plates make collecting and growing bacteria simple. A great way to show kids the importance of hand-washing! Recommended for Ages 5 and up. 
  bacteria science kit for kids

Get Growing! Greenhouse
Kids who love plants can get some growing practice in indoors this winter with this mini-greenhouse! Seeds for sunflowers, beans and sensitive plants included.
kids greenhouse growing kit
Root Vue Farm
Another great choice for those fascinated with plants. Plant seeds in this self-watering system and watch their roots grow. Kids get to see part of the growing process that is normally hidden in the soil.
child and root vue science garden kit
Science on a Tracking Expedition
In this kit, kids learn to identify animal tracks through matching activities. Make your own plaster casts of animal footprints.

Green Kid Crafts Science and Discovery Boxes
In addition to providing a monthly subscription service, Green Kid Crafts sells its Science and Discovery boxes individually. For biologists check out: Ocean Science Box, and Nocturnal Animal Discovery Box. Each is filled with science and eco-friendly craft activities for lots of hands-on fun!
backyard science discovery box

Discover Nature as a Family!

The Nature Connection: An Outdoor Workbook for Kids, Families and Classrooms
Clare Walker Leslie is an expert at inspiring a love of nature in children and adults. This book provides activity ideas and prompts to get the entire family engaged in nature throughout the entire year!
 the nature connection by Clare Walker Leslie 

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