Share it! Science : DIY STEM Gifts For Kids

DIY STEM Gifts For Kids

DIY STEM gifts for kids science kits
Looking for a DIY gift for the kiddos? How about a homemade science kit, tinker kit or invention box? There are so many great ideas out there. With a little time and effort, you can put together a gift with more play value then something from the store.

If you are interested in other science themed gifts, be sure to stop by the other posts in this series: Fun and Educational Gifts for the Young Scientists on Your List.

Build Your Own Science Kit

With a little creativity you can build your own science kit with inspiration from Share it! Science activities, like Spies and CSI's, Balloon Rockets, Hidden Colors in a Leaf, 5 Ways to Make a Real Rainbow, Science with Christmas Leftovers, Dreidels and other Spinning Tops, or any other of my Saturday Science Experiment series. Or, put together one of these science kits from some great kids bloggers!
girl scientist STEM science kits DIY
I Can Teach My Child: Science Kit for Kids Gift Idea. This great science kit idea is complete with a free printable: "Fascinating Science for Kids" full of experiments that can be easily accomplished at home. The whole kit can be put together for under $20!

Little Bins for Little Hands: Homemade Kids Science Kit with 20 Experiments. A supply list of items that are easy to acquire at the grocery or dollar store and links to some great simple at-home science experiments!

Fun at Home with Kids: DIY Science Kit Gift for Kids. A science kit to accompany the author's book: The Curious Kid's Science Book. Great ideas, simple materials!

The Kitchen Pantry Scientist: Homemade Science Lab. All the supplies you need to turn your kitchen into a science lab!
boy scientist science kits DIY

Playdough to Plato: DIY Home Science Kit. Put together a simple science kit and print out some cool science kit cards to get you started on your science adventures! 

A Girl and a Glue Gun: The Science Box. Directions for making a box full of science activities.

Teach-a-roo: Send Home Science Kit. Although geared toward teachers, this at home science kit could be adapted for a gift. Also a great idea for an educational gift for your students if you are a teacher! 
balloon beaker experiment animation

Science Sparks: All You Need for Science At Home. A thorough list of the everyday items that complete the at-home science lab. Great experiment ideas too!

Kids Activities Blog: Totally Awesome Kids Science Kit. 3 super fun experiments that require things you probably already have lying around the house.

Mama.Papa.Bubba: DIY Science Kit for Kids. Filled with items from the grocery store or dollar store. Uses "The Curious Kids Science Book" as a guide.

Glue Sticks Blog: Homemade Science Kits for Kids. Great DIY kit with a ton of experiments and experiment "recipe cards" with directions. Would make a great family gift!

DIY Tinkering and Inventing Kits

Katydid and Kid: A Kids' Tinkering Kit. Ideas to make a kid's tinkering kit with real tools!

Left Brain Craft Brain: Portable Tinkering Kit for Preschoolers. A nice little kit designed to keep a young one busy when you are out and about.

Little Worlds: Upcycled Inventor's Box, A DIY STEM Activity. A nice DIY kit full of recyclables, craft supplies and tools. Hours of good fun and learning.

The Educators' Spin On It: Build an Inventor's Box: A STEM Activity for Kids. Ideas for an inventor's box that will keep your tinkerer busy!

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