Share it! Science : 15 Continuous Years of Human Presence in Space

15 Continuous Years of Human Presence in Space

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Are you "all about that space"?

We certainly are here at Share it! Science News! November 2nd, 2015 is an exciting day as it marks 15 years of continuous human presence in space on the International Space Station. Since November 2nd, 2000 when Commander Bill Shepherd and Flight Engineers Sergei Krikalev and Yuri Gidzenko became the first people to man the space station, there has been an international crew aboard the space station. In 2000 the ISS was still just a pair of U.S. and Russian modules, and over the course of 15 years it has grown to a laboratory and home environment the size of a football field.

From studying biology and biotechnology, to Earth and space science, crews have learned a lot in the past 15 years. The ISS has reached more than 42 billion students across the globe and published more than 1,200 scientific result papers! The ISS is also an incredible teaching tool for science classrooms here on Earth. NASA has a wealth of learning resources available to students and educators about the ISS. Explore the Space Station for Students page, or the Space Station for Educators page for tons of great activities and information.

We've covered astronomy and the space station frequently here as well. You'll find links to learning activities and resources with each news or event story on Share it! Science News

If you are interested in teaching and learning about the ISS and its current mission, NASA's Twin Study: Launching Science Lessons is a great place to start. 

To get involved with an ISS mission, you'll want to learn about Sally Ride EarthKam, a great program for students. Find out all about it here- Sally Ride EarthKam: Be a Part of an International Space Station Mission

Ever wondered what life is like on the ISS? What does it look like up there? Take a tour with an ISS astronaut in an excellent video featured here: Science Teaching Toolbox: 10 Tried and True Videos for Teaching Science

If you are "all about that space" just like us, you'll want to visit these posts too. Tons of resources to sink your teeth into! 

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