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Glimpse of the Garden: Week 20, An Insect Mystery

Nature continues to surprise and fascinate me. This week, in addition to the usual garden pictures, I'd like to challenge you with a nature mystery! 

We were looking over the potted pepper plants one evening this week and my husband spotted something that looked like a speck of dirt or a bit of plant debris. He noticed it because there were also some holes in the leaf as if something had been munching on it. I went to brush off the bit of debris and found that it was securely fastened to the plant. Additionally, when I touched it, it moved! 

The mystery creature looks like a bit of dirt! ©SBF 2015

The mystery creature carries it's own shield! ©SBF 2015
Upon closer inspection we found a curious creature. I knew it was a larvae because it had 6 true legs in addition to some proto-legs, or false legs, like the type you might see on a caterpillar. Adult insects generally have 6 true legs. It was also carrying its own shield. If I gently tried to move the bit of debris away from it, it would curl it back up and use it again as a disguise. 

The creature quickly puts its disguise back on when I gently lift it off. ©SBF 2015

What is this creature? We did some homework and some deductive reasoning and found out the answer. Your challenge is to do the same. I'll give you a hint- if you look back over my "Glimpse of the Garden" posts, you might find a clue! Remember you can use the search bar at the top of the page, the blog archive, or the labels section located on the right-hand sidebar to narrow your search.

Good luck! I'll reveal the answer next week. If you think you know, leave your answer in the comments, or shoot me an e-mail at

This week's veggies, c'mon ripen up! ©SBF 2015

Vegetable garden flowers are pretty too! ©SBF 2015
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