Share it! Science : See it? Share it! Return of the Barred Owl

See it? Share it! Return of the Barred Owl

     We saw a lot of our resident Barred owl today. I thought I'd post a few pictures I took this morning and afternoon. It is not too unusual to see a Barred owl out during the day when we've had so much snow and cold. As it is more difficult for them to hunt in their usual spots they are attracted to places with bird feeders that may also be attracting rodents. Find out more about this type of owl in my last owl post!
It was enjoying some sun on a cold day and keeping an eye on me and my dog all the while! ©SBF 2015

Squinting to keep the sun out. ©SBF 2015
This was taken from the warmth of my house at about 10:00 AM, the wind was howling and our owl-y friend was all puffed up to keep warm! ©SBF 2015

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