Share it! Science : Saturday Science Experiment: Valentine's Day is for the Birds

Saturday Science Experiment: Valentine's Day is for the Birds

Happy Valentine's Day! Forget the flowers and chocolates, I thought that on this Valentine's/GBBC weekend I'd share some links for making treats for the birds. Maybe you can try them all to experiment and find out which Valentine's snack your feathered friends prefer!
Did you go out and count birds yet for the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC)? Click here for more info. We made our observations this morning, and here is our count: 2 Dark-eyed Juncos, 3 Tufted titmouse, 1 Red-bellied woodpecker, 2 Downy woodpeckers, 1 Hairy woodpecker, 8 Black-capped chickadee, 1 Bluejay and 1 White-breasted nuthatch. We enjoyed seeing what others had observed after submitting our own data.     
You can download a free bird counting sheet to keep track here. Now on to the bird treat ideas!

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DIY bird feeder treats for valentine's day

Easy DIY Bird Feeder Treats

You can make a lovely no-bake bird seed treat by visiting this post on No Time For Flashcards  or this post on Wine and Glue. The main ingredients of both of these sweet little treats are bird seed and gelatin. These heart-shaped bird feeders would also make a nice gift for your favorite birder!

I have often made Cheerios bird feeders out of cereal and pipe cleaners (or as they are now called: "fuzzy sticks" or "chenille stems") with my preschool students. It is a simple task, but is great for those fine motor skills! Check out this heart-shaped version: The Decorated Cookie.

If you are feeling really ambitious you can make your own suet cakes for the birds. Suet, or beef fat, is a great option for feeder birds, especially if you live in a cold winter climate, as it is a high-energy food. Here are some recipes for different suet cakes from Birds and Blooms

More Fun Valentine's Day Science and STEAM

Check out this list of super cute and funny science-themed Valentine's Day card downloads. Perfect for your little scientists at home or school. 

Do you have other favorite treats that you make for the birds? Did you participate in the GBBC? If so, I'd love to hear from you. Comment below, or e-mail me at:
Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birding!


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