Share it! Science : Over 40 Water and Ice Science Activities to Keep You Cool!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Over 40 Water and Ice Science Activities to Keep You Cool!

It's hot out there! Time to cool off and do some learning at the same time. Try out some of these water and ice science experiments, STEM challenges and play activities!

Water and Ice Science Experiments:


Try these 8 amazing ice experiments on iGameMom.

Learn how to instantly freeze water- a little science magic from Preschool POWOL Packets.

Explore the effects of salt on ice with this melting experiment from Life with Moore Babies, and then try polar ice fishing with this activity from JDaniel4's Mom!

Your kids will love making edible glowing ice cubes with Go Science Girls.

Maybe this fizzing ice cube activity from The Kindergarten Connection is what you're looking for!

Try this ice temperature experiment at Capri Plus 3.


Explore the concept of density with these activities:

A simple water displacement experiment from Life with Moore Babies.

Explore the surface tension of water with paperclips on Buggy and Buddy.

Investigate the science concept of volume and other water experiments with Inspiration Laboratories.

Can you take the salt out of salt water? Make a solar still with Capri Plus 3, or try this cool desalination experiment from Schooling a Monkey.

What happens when you mix soil, rocks, sand and other Earth materials with water? Find out at Preschool Tool Kit.

Use some fizzy water to make raisins dance right here on Share it! Science News.

Some of my favorite water explorations are sinking and floating experiments! Try these:

Try 7 more fascinating water experiments from iGameMom.

Simple and fun water investigations at JDaniel4's Mom.

Quite literally have a blast building a water rocket at KCedventures.

Investigate Cartesian divers on Buggy and Buddy.

Try this easy and engaging experiment about controlling water flow at JDaniel4's Mom.

Explore weather and convection currents to learn what causes storms with Frogs-and-Fairies.

How do liquids contribute to salt crystallization? Find out with this fun science craft from Go Science Girls.

Measure different forms of water with this easy experiment from JDaniel4's Mom.

Explore a tide pool- right from your own home! Buggy and Buddy

How does water refract light? A fun exploration on Go Science Girls.

Water Conservation and Testing

Learn how to test the quality of a waterway using biology and chemistry here on Share it! Science News.

Try this STEM activity about safe drinking water from STEAM Powered Family.

One of my favorite demonstrations to help children (and adults!) understand why we must conserve water! Share it! Science News

STEM Challenges and Projects

Build an ice cube igloo! Preschool POWOL Packets

Build a pvc waterway to investigate physics! Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes

Why do boats float? 10 ways to build boats with pantry items from Thriving STEM.

Just for Fun: Ice and Water Play Activities

Find all of the great activities included in this post on my Pinterest Board: 

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