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Learn Science with LEGO®: The Unofficial Guide to Learning with LEGO® Book Review

I'm so excited to be sharing this great book with you today. The Unofficial Guide to Learning with LEGO®100 Inspiring Ideas launches July 5th, 2016. In addition to a ton of wonderful science, STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) and STEAM (add in some art!) ideas, which we will highlight in more detail below, this guide also provides activities to build the foundation for reading and math skills.

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The Unofficial Guide to Learning with LEGO® is laid out in a clear and readable way with vivid pictures of each project. Each activity page includes a list of the materials and supplies needed, succinct instructions for the activity, and notes the academic skills the project works towards.

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On top of elementary reading and math skills, there are a wide range of science related projects included. I think what is most valuable about these projects is that although they could work as a stand-alone activities, they use LEGO® as a way to augment and enrich a learning experience, rather than just provide a quick, disconnected building activity.

My favorite example of this is the Bug Hotel project. Building the structure for the bug hotel is just the beginning of a learning experience. It gives the task an engineering element, and then sets the child free to use what they have built in a science investigation. This is true STEM learning, not only using science concepts but also design and engineering to accomplish the project.

I also really liked the idea of using LEGO® bricks to build science diagrams. Some examples are: insect life cycles, cloud charts, bodies of water, and insect anatomy. The book includes printable labels that can be used in these diagrams. Students can learn about insects for an example through video, book or outdoor exploration and then build their diagram. The cloud chart could be taken outside to identify clouds on their next cloud walk. These activities would be valuable in any elementary science classroom, homeschool, camp or for informal learning at home.

Some other science activity highlights are experiments like water displacement, boat floating and sinking, and measuring weights. Some fun STEM challenges include: building balloon cars, a tennis ball challenge, and building a wind-powered car. Add in some art and make it a STEAM project, like the Duplo paint machine, pendulum painting or designing a seasons of the year mosaic.

You'll find such a wide variety of activities in this book! I was very impressed with the creativity and quality of each project. In addition to the ebook version, you can purchase the guide in paperback or for kindle from Amazon, by clicking these links or clicking on the book image above!

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  1. It is such an awesome book we love it too!

    1. I'm really excited to share it. So many ways to have fun and learn here, at home or school!