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Learning Science Through Music!

Learning Science Through Music science children's educational music

It has been well documented that songs help us memorize things. We all know this first hand-how did you learn the alphabet? Music is even being used in some medical programs to help students memorize the myriad of facts they'll need to remember to become a physician.

Learning through song is not only a good memorization tactic, but it's also fun! Here are some of my favorite music picks for learning science concepts.

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They Might Be Giants

I've used "Here Comes Science" by They Might Be Giants (TMBG) with kids in preschool through sixth grade and it is always a hit. I also, admittedly, had their song, "Why Does the Sun Shine?" stuck in my head back in the day throughout my undergrad Astronomy final... 

You might know TMBG for the alternative rock albums they have been putting out since 1982, but more recently they've done a lot of fun music for kids. Here Comes Science is an entire album of science songs, but any of their children's albums are pretty catchy and you probably won't mind listening to them on repeat. Check out some of the other music videos for this album: 

Learn more about the album Here Comes Science, or the DVD edition which also includes videos for the songs. I'd also recommend their latest kid's album, Why?
Music With Nancy

Nancy Kopman, aka "Music With Nancy" performs all sorts of different children's learning music. You'll find science themes sprinkled in with other educational songs with lovely harmonies that are sure to get the kiddos up and on their feet. Here are some of my favorite songs with science themes:

Check out Nancy's YouTube Channel for recent uploads. Learn more about her albums, The Seasons, I Know I'll Grow, Wonderful You, and Shadow by clicking these links. 

Jeff and Paige

You might remember Jeff and Paige from our review of their latest album, "Mighty Wolf". This duo performs engaging songs for young children that do not compromise the learning of actual science and nature concepts. Here they are in action: 



You'll definitely want to subscribe to their YouTube Channel as they load new content frequently. Learn more about their albums and how to purchase them by clicking these links: 21st Century Energy Superheroes, Get Outdoors! and Mighty Wolf.

Banana Slug String Band
The Banana Slug String Band has been performing children's music about the environment and natural science for 30 years. If you've ever spent time in any environmental education program, there is a good chance you've heard one of their songs. Here's one of my favorites for teaching the water cycle and its vocabulary: 

Be sure to check out some of their albums, Singing In Our Garden, Dirt Made My Lunch, Penguin Parade, and Only One Ocean.

The Board of Education
The Board of Education performs fun kid's rock music with educational themes. Their songs appeal to young kids and even those who might think they are "too cool" for children's music. Here is a sampling of a few of their science themed songs, "Binary", about binary star systems, and "Ice Ages are Fun", about what it would be like to have an Ice Age in modern times: 

Check out their catchy and engaging albums, The First Album and Binary by clicking these links.

What are some of your favorite science children's songs or musicians? We'd love to hear about them. Comment below!

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