Share it! Science : 20 Earth-Friendly Activities and Ideas for Earth Day and Every Day

20 Earth-Friendly Activities and Ideas for Earth Day and Every Day

Earth Day is April 22nd, but you can celebrate and care for our wonderful planet every day of the year. Here are over 20 different activities and ideas from Share it! Science to get you started.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Conserve! 

The Best Demo for Teaching Water Conservation 
Teach water conservation with this hands-on demonstration, it will blow your mind!

The Best Demo for Teaching Water Conservation

Composting with Worms! A Great Activity for School or Home
Did you know worms can recycle your food scraps? Learn how to build a worm composter here!

Composting with Worms DIY worm bin
Compost Science Projects for Kids- Growing with Science
Hop on over to the Growing with Science blog to study decomposition and compost creatures. Great activities and some awesome pictures of "nature's recyclers"!

Make the Earth Beautiful with Homemade Seed Paper
Learn how to recycle paper into seeded paper that you can plant! Makes a great gift too!

DIY recycled seed paper

"Here Comes the Garbage Barge" Inspired Landfill Model. 
Learn more about conservation by investigating trash and landfills with a story and activity.

Grow Something! 

Grow a Taco or Pizza Garden with Kids
Get kids involved in gardening by growing a taco or pizza themed garden. Ideas here!

Grow a Taco or Pizza Garden gardening with kids theme gardens

Grow a Themed Flower Garden with Your Children
Involve your kids in the garden by growing a rainbow garden or a pollinator garden. Not only fun, but a great learning experience as you attract butterflies and other insects to your yard.

Grow a Rainbow or Butterfly Garden with Kids

Saturday Science Experiment: Grow an Avocado
Did you know you can grow a new houseplant from an avocado pit? Find out how.

Grow an Avocado- Hands on Science Experiment for kids

Saturday Science Experiment- Grow a Plant from Food Scraps
Avocados aren't the only houseplant you can grow from the bits left behind by fruits and veggies. Check out these ideas.

Grow a Plant from Food Scraps science for kids

25 Weeks in the Garden
25 weeks of my "Glimpse of the Garden" series. Lessons in gardening, insect and plant science along with anecdotes of a garden season.

garden lessons insect plant science

Get Involved!

Celebrate Citizen Science Day! 
April 16th, 2016 was the first National Citizen Science Day! Learn how people just like you can get involved in science research projects around the United States.

get involved in citizen science citizen science day

Insect Investigations: Summertime Citizen Science
Learn about some fun insect citizen science projects, like the Lost Ladybug Project and Firefly Watch. Stay involved in science all summer long!

Science Teacher's Toolbox: Testing Water Quality
Easy ways to test the water quality in your area. Activity suggestions for home scientists, school, camp or after school programs, etc.
Project BudBurst: Easy, Authentic Plant Science
Do you love getting kids outside? Project BudBurst is a great way to get kids of all ages involved in citizen science, honing observation skills and developing a stronger sense of place. Easy to incorporate at home or school!

Project BudBurst: Easy, Authentic Plant Science citizen science

Penguin Watch and Other Ways YOU Can be a Scientist!
Lots of ideas for getting involved in citizen science, including helping scientists look for penguins- right from your computer!


"Flight of the Pollinators" a Picture-Perfect Science Lesson
Learn all about pollinators through this lesson in the National Science Teacher's Association series, Picture-Perfect Science. Hands-on STEM about a very important topic!

Real-Life Kermit Inspires Animal Classification Lessons 
Investigate animal classification by learning about a new species of frog! Ideas here for Preschool through High School. 

real life kermit animal classification lessons preschool through high school

BPA-Free Plastic? Possibly the Same Health Risks
Learn the research between BPA and BPA-Free plastics, with links to lessons on plastics and materials science for students.

BPA-Free Plastics health risks student resources

STEM Opportunities Where the Bison Roam
Learn about the reintroduction of the Wood Bison in Alaska, a once locally extinct species. Incorporate this project into an awesome STEM lesson.

STEM Lesson Wood Bison Reintroduction

Invasive Species- On Your Plate!
Learn all about invasive species and what some people are doing to try to help eradicate them!

invasive species invasivore

See it? Share it! Nature Observations
Learn more about plants and animals with these posts on my adventures in nature! Have you ever seen a black colored gray squirrel? Do you know what a gall is? Learn here! 

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