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ABC's of Earth Science

A is for Asteroid?! It is in the ABCs of Earth Science, part of the Jumbo Minds' Science ABCs book series. In this book, illustrated with bright, bold colors, each letter of the alphabet is paired with an Earth Science vocabulary word and definition.

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ABCs of Earth Science

This book series, that also includes the ABCs of Biology, Chemistry and Physics is based on the idea that children's capacity to learn new concepts and vocabulary at a young age is so great. Why not incorporate science into their study of the alphabet? A isn't just for Apple after all!

As an early childhood science teacher for many years, I found that young children are indeed capable of learning the words used in science when they are paired with age appropriate activities. You don't have to be teaching rocket science to help build a strong foundation for the later years in science. Using vocabulary like "hypothesis" and "observation" from the get-go allows students to accurately convey the process of science in experimentation through play or classroom science activities. Teaching the alphabet through science fits perfectly into my early childhood teaching philosophy.

The ABCs of Earth Science would be a great book to use along with any early childhood science or alphabet curriculum. Introduce cloud types while reporting the weather during morning calendar activities, N is for Nimbus! Teach the difference between rocks and minerals when you set out the rock collection in the science center, M is for Mineral and R is for Rock.

Although designed for a young audience, the definitions in the book accompanying each letter of the alphabet are not watered down. This makes the ABCs of Earth Science useful in the elementary classroom as well. In addition to the kid-friendly illustrations, the text is designed for all learners using a dyslexic-friendly font to increase readability.

This is certainly a series I will recommend to my colleagues who teach in the early childhood classroom, and for families with young children.

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  1. Wow, these look like really great books! I have a couple of science loving kids that will really enjoy these books!