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Glimpse of the Garden: Week 9, Preparation and Procrastination!

     It has been a weird spring as far as weather goes. We had a hot spell resembling summer, then a week full of frost warnings, and dry, drought-like soil conditions, finally we've had hot humid weather with some wild thunderstorms. My veggie starts are grown and ready to go in the ground, and I think they will finally get there this weekend. Although in some ways I have procrastinated, with frost warnings, dry weather and downpours it has been easier to keep the young plants safe and watered inside or in the cold frame.

     You might be experiencing dry conditions this spring too. For a few tips on successful gardening during drought, check out this recent post from Renee's Garden.  I use a lot of Renee's Garden seeds to grow my flowers and vegetables, I've included many of my favorites from Renee's in my post Grow a Themed Flower Garden with Your Children. If you missed it, you might want to check it out!

     Last weekend we cleared and loosened the garden soil and flipped the compost in the compost bin to prep the garden. We've done the preparation, now we just need to get those plants in! Do you compost? We are lucky that we have the space and live in an area where we can compost just about all of our food waste in an outdoor bin. I am not afraid to admit that I love composting. There is something magical about how quickly nature recycles itself. We compost food scraps, mulch yard waste and even have a worm compost bin in our basement. (Yes, I have worms in my basement!) Stay tuned for future blog posts where we investigate composting further! 

Our outdoor compost bin. ©SBF 2015

Fruit and veggie scraps, yard waste on their way to becoming "black gold" in the compost! ©SBF 2015

     Not too many new flowers blooming this week, but plenty of buds. Look forward to glimpses of the veggie garden and some new blooms next week! It's your job to hold me accountable- no more procrastination!
Week 9 Flower Blooms ©SBF 2015
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