Share it! Science : See it? Share it! A Grapefruit Sprout and an Indoor Flower Garden

See it? Share it! A Grapefruit Sprout and an Indoor Flower Garden

IT SPROUTED! Those of you who follow this blog probably remember my "Saturday Science Experiment" post a few weeks ago about growing plants from kitchen scraps.  I took a grapefruit seed and put it in a plastic baggie with a damp paper towel. I checked it diligently the first week and then it slipped my mind for a little while. I saw the baggie yesterday and decided to check. Low and behold, the seed coat had slightly split and there was the radicle, or the first part of the seedling to emerge during germination. If all goes well the sprout will continue to grow and I'll have a new houseplant.
Grapefruit seed sprout! ©SBF 2015
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Begonia ©SBF 2015
I have been honest with you all about my crazy houseplant habit. There is something to be said for a splash of color around the house when it is so cold and icy outside. I've been enjoying having some extra flowering houseplants inside this winter. Before we got our first frost I dug up a begonia and a primrose that I had in my outdoor flower box to keep inside for the winter. As I continually pinch off the blossoms as they fade, I have had an ongoing supply of purple and red blooms throughout the past few months. 
Primrose ©SBF 2015

I am looking forward to the Paperwhite blossoms from bulbs we were gifted during the holidays to open. If I get close enough to them I can already smell their sweet fragrance. Paperwhite bulbs, a type of narcissus, are often available around the gift giving season. You might even find some leftovers on sale now. They grow quickly as soon as they are potted, making it a quick and easy burst of springtime during the winter.
Paperwhite buds ©SBF 2015

There are a few pink buds on my Christmas cactus and the African violets are just taking a break after a long period of blooming. My Gloxinia is headed down to the basement for a few weeks of cool, dark dormancy. There are so many different plants and flowers you can grow indoors, and many benefits to your health and psyche if you do. Plants have been researched and findings indicate that not only do they help to keep the air fresh and clean, they can help fight colds, improve cognitive function and reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

I believe anyone can grow a plant- take it from me, all you need is a grapefruit seed, a plastic baggie and a damp paper towel! Inspired? Check out this list from Better Homes and Gardens of the 24 easiest houseplants you can grow. I would also recommend one of my favorite go-to guides for caring for houseplants: The Complete Houseplant Survival Manual: Essential Know-How for Keeping (Not Killing) More Than 160 Indoor Plants by Barbara Pleasant.

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