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See it? Share it! Science Observations and Questions


     We woke up to a very thin blanket of snow this morning at my house. Although the onset of a snowy winter leads to thoughts of dread for many, I can't help but take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the white stuff. I enjoy teaching about snow and snow crystals in my science classes. One of my favorite web sites for snow science is Cal tech's  This page was created by physicist Kenneth G. Libbrecht who studies the physics of ice crystal formation. There are some pretty cool videos of snowflakes growing in the lab that I show my students year after year. Check them out! I promise it will make you forget about the shovel and ice scraper for just a few minutes!

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Do you have a favorite resource for learning or teaching about snow? What are your favorite resources about the other Share it! Science topics of the week: bats and echolocation  and animal behavior and play? Have you made an interesting science observation this week? Share in the comment section below!  


  1. Sarah,

    That is is an incredibly "cool" photograph!

    Since you asked, I do have a resource for teaching about snaow at

    It also talks about ice spikes, which we were able to create without too much difficulty. Now if we could just get the supercooled water to work...

    1. Great! Thanks for sharing your resource. Ice spikes and crystals in general are fascinating. There are lots of cool examples of ice flowers and ice ribbons here: