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Saturday Science Experiment

Bubble Fun!
     Are you looking for an indoor or outdoor family activity for this weekend? How about exploring the science of bubbles? Bubbles are fun AND filled with science and math concepts: surface tension, evaporation, shape, chemistry etc. You probably have all the supplies you need right in your kitchen to play with bubbles: dish soap, drinking straws, and possibly corn syrup. Want to know why bubbles are round, or how to pierce them without popping? Try these easy experiments out. Interested in those swirling colors? Then here is a project for you. If you're feeling adventurous you might want to change your bubble solution and try to make bouncy bubbles or thick bubbles with these other recipes. Maybe understanding the math behind a bubble is more your style. Have you ever tried to freeze a bubble? Yes, freezing a bubble is possible. It just might be the best way to enjoy the polar vortex!

If you are making a family trip to the library or book store this weekend here are some excellent books about bubbles to check out, click the image for more info:

Happy experimenting!



  1. Oh I'm so sharing this on my updated post of Shamrock Bubbles! Great science collection!

    1. Thanks! I wrote this one not long after I started the blog!