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25 Engaging STEAM Projects for the Season: STEAM Kids Christmas

If you loved the STEAM Kids (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) book I reviewed earlier this fall, then I'm sure you're excited to find out that the latest from this team of scientists, artists, educators and moms launches today. STEAM Kids Christmas features 25 holiday themed STEAM activities. That's right, you could do one activity a day as an advent activity!

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 STEAM Kids Christmas Pop Up Advent Calendar

Just like the original STEAM Kids book, the activities here encourage kids to question like a scientist, design like a technologist, build like an engineer, create like an artist, deduce like a mathematician and play like a kid. I am impressed with how the authors have done just that...again. I was not surprised when the first book was an Amazon best seller within the first week!

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It is not hard to have favorite activities from STEAM Kids Christmas. Who wouldn't love combining art, science, etc. with the most wonderful time of the year? I have fond memories of watching a candle carousel spin at my Grandparents house on Christmas Eve. I was very excited to see that a project for building a DIY one is included in the book. There are so many different aspects of this project I never thought of before, engineering, designing, the science of convection currents, etc. There are lots of opportunities for learning.

STEAM Kids Christmas

I also adore the 3-D advent calendars. You can choose from a penguin or Santa template to print out and build. Put math and engineering concepts to work to fabricate these little advent boxes, then fill them up with goodies to discover each night until Christmas.

STEAM Kids Christmas Pop Up Advent Calendar

I bet you've never thought to make tangram Christmas cookies before, or create a soft circuit ornament that lights up. I'm looking forward to trying both.

I think this book series is great, not only because of the fun activities, but also the fact that it is designed to be user friendly. It is a great resource for families, teachers, after school programs or day care. With printable STEAM challenge cards and links to 25 extension projects, there are many more than 25 Christmas activities here.

The book also includes weekly activity planners and shopping lists, making it easy to plan a week full of projects. (Great for winter break!) The index is written 2 ways, one is organized by STEAM concept: Science activities, Technology activities, etc. The other is alphabetically.

STEAM Kids Christmas Sample Activities

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