Share it! Science : Spectacular Summer Science Series

Spectacular Summer Science Series

We're so excited to be hosting the Spectacular Summer Science series! Share it! Science News is teaming up with some other science-loving bloggers to give you 8 weeks of summer inspired science activities and projects. Paper air toy physics, pickle chemistry, solar oven challenges and more! Come back here each week for something new to try! 

Week 1: Share it! Science News- Flying and Twirling: Paper Toy Physics

Week 2: Share it! Science News- The Great Backyard Butterfly Experiment

Week 4: Growing with Science- Fish Activities for Kids

Week 5: Share it! Science News- Over 25 Ways to Explore and Learn in Nature

Week 7: Share it! Science News- Solar Oven STEM: Engineering Design Challenge

Week 8: Growing with Science- Nocturnal Animals and Light Pollution

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