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Science Teaching Toolbox

5/5/16 Learning Science Through Music
Awesome science music for teaching science ideas in a fun way.
2/19/16 ABC's of Earth Science
Exploring scientific vocabulary with the very young.

2/2/16 Over 70 of the Best Science Web Resources
Awesome science websites chosen by science educators! 

1/13/16 5 Must-Have Books for Teaching Preschool Science
A list of some of my most treasured teaching resources from a decade of experience developing and teaching preschool science!

10/8/15 Engaging Students with Science Mysteries and resources for introducing science concepts as mysteries. Hook your students from the start!

6/8/15 Testing Water Quality to incorporate water quality into your science curriculum. pH, drinking water, conservation and citizen science!


3/9/15 Girl Power! Getting (and keeping) Girls Interested in Science

Ideas that you can put into practice TODAY, that will benefit all of your students!

3/2/15 10 Tried and True Videos for Teaching Science

Some of my favorite and most effective video clips for hooking students, reviewing material and solidifying content.

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