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Saturday Science Experiment

Looking for a fun and educational family activity for this weekend? Here are the latest "Saturday Science Experiment" posts. Have fun!

11/13/15 Grow an Avocado!
Have you ever tried to grow a plant from a seed leftover from food prep? Avocados are great to try because they are large and you can see the whole process unfold!

11/6/2015 Testing a Product with the Scientific Method: Mabel's Labels
Have you ever wondered if a product lived up to it's claims, or was worth the $? Here is an example of using the Scientific Method to find out! 

9/5/2015 Happy 1st Birthday "Share it! Science"
Have you ever made a balloon rocket? Or made your birthday decorations move with the heat of a birthday candle? Try it here!
Balloon rockets! ©SBF 2015

8/22/2015 The Hidden Colors in a Leaf
Why do we see beautiful leaf colors in the fall? Explore the pigments in leaves with this experiment!

3/28/15 Spies and CSIs
Do you know how to write secret messages? Here are 2 kid-friendly ideas, in addition to instructions for making your own fingerprint database. 

3/7/15 5 Ways to Make a Real Rainbow
No rainbows outside? Explore different ways to make a rainbow inside!

2/21/15 A 2 for 1 Snow Experiment
Why does snow's volume change when it melts? How clean is snow?

2/14/15 Valentine's Day is for the Birds
Some ideas for making Valentine treats for the birds.

1/31/15 Exploring Shadows and the Groundhog
Groundhog day is right around the corner! Why not use it as a science opportunity? 

1/10/15 Musings on Curiosity
Some inspiration for exploring and fostering curiosity with your children. 

1/3/15 Grow a Plant from Food Scraps
©SBF 2015
I'm going to try to grow a grapefruit- what will you try?

12/28/14 Science with Christmas Leftovers
Poinsettia pH strips and candy cane experiments!

12/20/14 Spinning Dreidels and other Tops
Create the longest spinning top design!

12/13/14 Eggs and Toilet Paper Tubes 
Two different science challenges on shape and weight distribution.

12/6/14 Got Milk? Two different experiments involving milk

11/22/14 Bubble Fun! Lots of links and ideas for exploring the science of bubbles

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